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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Hello Again Hello!

It’s good to be back! The last few weeks have been hectic for me, but thanks to
Jason you have not been left with nothing to read. There’s no doubt that Jason
is much more comical than myself.


I guess you could say I’m starting to go through withdrawal. The last two or three weeks have been dedicated to heading up the Spring Women’s Retreat at The Branch. (While I really don’t consider the month of February to be a part of Spring, that is the only place it could actually fit into the schedule over the next few months.) I had been extremely busy trying to get a lot of things in order so the retreat would be a success, and I can honestly say that it was. It was so wonderful and beautiful! It’s extremely exciting to step back and be hands off, and allow the Lord to lead. His fingerprints were everywhere, and I’m so thankful for how it ended up. I owe a huge thank you to my husband who organized the entire breakfast and lunch for all of the women at the retreat. He did an amazing job organizing and getting everything ready so all who attended could have a nice sit down lunch. It was quite a blessing and an honor.


Today is somewhat bittersweet. This evening my sister M’Liss, her husband Clint, and their two little girls Emma and Clara will board a plane taking them to their new life in Guinea West Africa. This is a very important and pivotal time in their lives, and that’s why part of me can’t help but rejoice. They have been preparing the last three years to get to this point, and it’s finally here. They’ve been visiting churches to raise support, going to classes, learning a new language, all in preparation to get them ready for what lies ahead of them and the team they will be joining in Guinea. I actually plan to commit an entire post to them so everyone can learn about the ministry that they will be involved with. Here is a brief summary of what they will plan to do:

They are joining an already established team through Pioneer Bible Translators. PBT does exactly what their title says; they translate the Bible into different languages and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ with this. There are so many who do not have the Bible in their own language, especially in the small villages in Guinea that all speak in different dialects. Can you imagine being a Christian and not having a Bible in your own language to read? We are privileged to have the Bible in our language as well as in so many different versions.

Clint will be heading all of the administrative duties that the team has a huge need for. Missionaries can easily get bogged down with everything that is involved with keeping in touch with supporting churches, and management of the ministry itself. This will be a great blessing to team they will be working along side with.

I do petition your prayers for their safe travels to Guinea. They will be stopping in France to change planes and will spend a few days there to give themselves a little break before heading on. I’ve been asked the question, is this sad for you? Yes, it’s sad that they will be so far away and they won’t get to meet Jacob until he is nearly 3 years old. However, I’m excited for them and what they will be doing, and the lives they will be changing for the sake of Jesus Christ. This is what they were called to do, and if you’ve been called by the Lord to do something or change something then you understand what I mean. This is a calling they began praying about nearly 10 years ago, and here they are today with their family on their way. Isn’t that exciting?! Yeah, it’s dangerous! But what isn’t dangerous these days? All of us risk our lives the moment we step out our doors each and every day. Seriously, 635 is absolute madness! Besides, I’d much rather die doing what the Lord called me to do, (no matter where that is) than living a meaningless life of what the world expected of me. Don’t take it the wrong way, I’m not implying that by living in the United States of America and working a job that earns a decent paycheck is wrong. There are not spiritual and non-spiritual jobs. We are all called to be missional and serve the Lord and His children in the workplace, wherever that might be. So, thanks for the prayers and I’ll keep you updated more on what they are doing.


Jacob/ Jake Update:
Okay, so the end is nearing! I’ll be 33 weeks on Wednesday, leaving me with 7 weeks to go. I can hardly believe it! I am still feeling wonderful, and don’t have a lot to complain about. I have remained very active up until recently, but now I have to take more time to rest and get off of my feet or I’ll be sorry. Jacob and I have regular conversations. It’s mostly me asking him to move into another position so I can breathe, but he seems to be listening. I’ve been having a lot of insomnia which is really frustrating come the morning, but I guess it’s just one other way of getting ready of what’s to come.

We had an ultra sound last month, and everything still looks great. The placenta has risen which was a small concern when it was too low at my 5 month ultra sound. This time it was a 3-D and it was unreal to see my little boy moving around so much and looking so developed. My doctor commented that he was really active. That was not a surprise! I still hear horror stories of how active I was as a child. My mother speaks of me escaping from the house when I was only 18 months, and crossing the street as if I knew what I was doing. Lord give me patience!

I had a lovely shower a few weeks ago. What a blast to get so many different things for Jacob. Now that the retreat is over, I have tons of thank you notes to write.

Jason has continued to be an amazing support through all of this. He does so much for me, and I love it. He cleaned our baseboards the other day! If that’s not love I don’t know what is. God bless him!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Is it that hard?

Jason here again. Holly is busy growing a baby, so I have something to say. A good friend of mine Andy Bowman always said, “Under promise, over deliver.” This phrase means a lot to me. Why? This week I am experiencing someone’s over promising and under delivering.

Last Thursday, I asked a Contractor friend of mine if he would send some guys over to paint and place crown molding in Jake’s nursery. With enthusiasm he shouted, “Sure!” “Whatever you want Jason. I’ll send some guys over and you just tell them what you want and they will get it done.” “Great”, I respond. “In fact”, he says, “I will just charge you how much they charge me for their time.” “Even better”, I think to myself! He leaves and I start bragging to Holly about my connections and how much clout I carry in the contracting arena. She smiles and we move on to something else.

Tuesday morning, Painter #1 was supposed to arrive. I sat at the house all day. He never showed. All day, I call my Contractor trying to get an answer. Of course, his cell phone was dead. Painter #2 does arrive Wednesday afternoon and gets a considerable amount of work done considering he is by himself, only worked the afternoon and came ill prepared. His ill preparation places considerable strain on my pocket book as he makes multiple trips to the hardware store…or wherever he goes.

Painter #2 leaves Wednesday with one coat done. Painter #2 them comes back Thursday at 7:00am and works until 1:30 (when I kick him out because I have other things to do) with the trim still needing another coat and the crown molding yet to be installed. I make more calls to the contractor. Painter #2 and Crown Molder #1 arrive Friday morning without crown molding, a nail gun, caulk or a work ethic. But they do bring some cigarettes and few scary tattoos.

Friday at 3:00 pm the crown molding is up on one wall and the trim still needs another coat. We have baby shower guests in the morning eagerly anticipating the unveiling of our nursery.

Why do people over promise and under deliver? The Contractor said this could be done in one day; we are now finishing day three. As we speak, Crown Molder #1 is walking back and forth from the garage to the nursery trying to get the cut right to complete wall number 2. If my math is right with four walls, let’s see…it should take 8 cuts. We are quickly approaching 800 today so far. Hey, we are two walls down!

I am committed to not over promise and under deliver. If you can’t do a task, don’t tell someone you can. If you can’t stand by your word, then keep your mouth shut. People only want the truth. Excuse me now, I am going to call Contractor #2.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day

Jason Here.


Happy Valentine's Day Sweetheart! I love you with all of my heart...



Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Never The Same Again.

Jason here again.

Ok. I am so stinking ready for Jake to come out and play. I am tired of always having to talk to him through multiple layers of tissue. Being the husband of a pregnant woman has brought to my attention some annoying tendencies in people. Most notably is when I tell someone I am ready for Jake to be born, they always respond with a quick, and might I add, unwarranted comment of reality. “Life will never be the same,” they quirk. “So I hear.” “Take advantage of these last few nights of sleep.” Emphatically I say, “I plan on it.” “No, I am serious.” To which I respond, “Me too.” Then they look at me with those eyes that say, “I can’t wait to see you crack under the pressure of child-rearing.”

I now call them "life will never be the same” people. They make the same comment when people get engaged.

Anyway, with modern technology, we are able to capture the image of our “in utero” children through ultrasound imaging. Still, I wonder what Jake will look like when he grows up. I have included a few options. What do
you think?



My best guess.


I doubt it.



Pretty Likely.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I was just thinking: Why is it I can’t eat a raw tomato? It seems so harmless. Just slice off a piece, put a little salt and pepper on it and munch away. I see people doing it all the time. With un-ending pleasure and pure elation they gently bite into the succulent red gelatinous material, enjoying every bite as if it were their last. I don’t get it.

Here’s the kicker: I love to eat not-raw tomatoes. I am like Forrest Gump with shrimp when it comes to cooked tomatos. I like them stewed, boiled, fried, grilled, sautéed, baked, in salsa (still raw, weird, huh?) and in pizza sauce. I like tomato bisque, tomato soup, sun dried tomatoes, tomato chutney, tomato stir fry and tomato quiche. I like them in anything Mexican, even pico-de-gallo (also raw). But I just can’t swallow a raw piece of tomato by itself.

Am I alone here? Does anyone else have this problem with tomatoes?