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Monday, November 17, 2008

Random Stuff From Jason...

Hey Friends-

No pictures today since they are all on Holly's computer. I just wanted to let everyone know we are doing fine. Life with a 2.5 year old and a 5 month old is never boring. Johnny doesn't like to sleep or eat and Jake doesn't like to sleep in his bed or eat. Most nights Jake ends up on the floor beside our bed about 2am. Then at 6am he likes to lay on top of my head, generally constricting my breathing and definitely waking me from deep slumber.

I recently lost my home office. It went from masculine serenity to toy filled bliss overnight. I was instructed I needed to move all the furniture and books in there to my work office. I am glad I have extra space up here...the back office looks like a Uhaul storage facility.

Last Thursday our washing machine broke and flooded our new playroom. Holly pulled the carpet up herself and I managed to put it back down. I was sort of proud of us...we didn't have to outsource anything...except to Lowe's who delivered our new front loading washer on Saturday. I was fine with our top loader and we are now a little farther away from retirement.

Jake has his first school program on Thursday night. His class is singing 2 songs and reciting a memory verse. My parents are coming from Tyler to watch...I told Holly I was surprised they would come for a 2 minute show, but she reminded me the love Grandparents have for their Grandchildren...and she is right!

My most recent pet peeve is when people come up, and with a worried look in their eye, ask me how my business is doing. You may not know, but I own a small residential real estate financing company in Addison. The market is tough and getting a mortgage funded for clients in increasingly difficult. However, the Lord always provides. I appreciate the concern, but don't cry for me, just send some business my way!

Holly is a great Mom and the boys are precious. We are blessed and God is good.

Have a great week!



At 6:49 PM, Blogger Liz*** said...

HI! Just wanted to say hi!:)

At 8:30 PM, Blogger Grammy Forest said...

Hello Jason, sounds like a life of a well established family. I thought our kids would never stop playing musical beds throughout the night. Amy and April insisted on having separate bedrooms when they were in middle school or so. So with five kids, shuffling rooms to accommodate was a challenge, but we finally managed. The first night I found them both asleep in the same bedroom. Kids are complicated and yes, kids sleeping on your face is very normal. Just wait until they are older and just stand by your bed until you wake up, realizing someone is there. Then they tell you, "I feel sick and I think I'm going to throw up." Be prepared, Jason, this is just the beginning, but I wouldn't change those wonderful memories for anything, accept maybe have been able to have a little more sleep time, and yes personal space. Glad all is going well with your family. Give Holly my love and give hugs to the boys. God Bless!Karen


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