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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Petra Lending Update

I know what you are thinking...why is Jason posting and not Holly? Where did she go?! Well, she is around, but being 7 months pregnant and raising a 2 year old sometimes means free time is spent doing other things!

I am posting an update about our company, Petra Lending Group. As you know, we are a residential real estate firm that consults with clients looking to buy/sell or finance properties. Over the last 2 years, we have seen many changes in our national market in regards to liquidity and financing availability. This, of course, has a direct on impact on peoples perception of how they should handle their real estate matters. The reality is that the market is correcting and everything is settling as it should.

Even in the midst of instability in the market, we have experienced modest growth at PLG! I must say that I love what I do. By God's grace He has provided and I get to spend my days helping people. My hope is that in all things, His name is glorified in our business.

I was listening to a sermon on Family Life Radio this morning and was reminded that it's OK to ask for prayers! Will you pray for us? Pray that God will guide us and that we will serve Him in the marketplace.

Thank you for your support!


By the way, be looking for a picture post of Jake's birthday!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Middle Name? (Jason, again)

Well, Jake turns 2 years old on Friday! Can you believe it! Holly and I have been working on getting his room ready. He is most excited about his bunk beds. He is ready to move to a big bed, but his parents are not as excited. Next thing you know, he will be driving.

Holly is doing well with pregnancy #2. We are getting close...July 11th is the due date! Still no middle name picked...what do you think goes well with "Johnny"?

(By the way, his official name will be John _____ O'Quinn)

Random Thoughts:

1. Thank goodness for online TV. The Office last week was replaced with 30 minutes of us watching a storm cell pass over Dallas. It never rained at our house.

2. The Mavs are not very good.

3. We need to have a garage sale.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

10 Things I Love (Jason)

I thought I would post 10 things I love, not including God, Wife, Son, Family, etc.

1. Taos, New Mexico
2. Green Chili
3. 4-Wheeling in the mountains
4. A good book
5. Guinness
6. Strong Coffee
7. Cards and Conversation with Friends
8. Long Dinners with Holly. Must have steak, butterfish, a wedge salad, and a good glass of wine
9. Coming Home
10. Apple Fritter's

(oh, and number 11, Football)