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Thursday, December 18, 2008



Long story short since I have little time these days:

I dropped Jacob off at Sunshine School.  Fed Johnny breakfast and put him down for a cat nap before his 6 month appointment.  Had Wendy's for lunch while driving between errands.  Yum!  Picked Jacob up from school.  Took the boys to buy a Christmas gift for Nana. 

Came home.  

Let Jacob play in the driveway.  Took a load of things into the house.  Got Johnny out of the car and realized the wet leaves on the driveway were in Jacob's way and keeping him from riding his bike.  

Put the baby on my hip and got the leaf blower out.  Blew all leaves off of driveway.  

When done blowing off the driveway heard the house alarm blaring!  

Ran to back door.  
Jacob screaming on the other side with door locked.  
Realize that the keys are in kitchen.  
Call husband in panic.  
Have no clue if anyone is in the house with Jacob.  
Make a mad dash to the neighbors.  
Get spare key.  
Run to front of house and unlock door.  
Embrace my hysterical son while disarming alarm system.  
Try to get myself under control and shaking frantically.  
Jason comes home sees that everything is okay and goes back to work.  
Retrieve other child and begin getting the remainder of things out of the car.  
Come into my home to see Jason and two police officers standing in my kitchen.  

Jacob had dragged a chair over to the alarm key pad on the wall and hit the panic button.  Since it took me so long to get the alarm turned off, the alarm company notified police and the police were surrounding the house waiting for back up before they started to enter the home!!!!!  I wanted to curl up in a ball and hide under the covers for the rest of the day.   

All in a days work right?  Life IS Bliss right?  

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Another Randon Thought from Jason

Why is it that children of Doctors always have to get stethoscopes as gifts? No one gives my children parcels of real estate.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Random Thought----

If you own a small hybrid car, is it required that you have an Obama '08 sticker attached the top of the trunk lid, directly on the paint? Do they come from the dealership that way?

Thursday, November 20, 2008


1. Pictures tend to induce comments on a blog.
2. Posts by Holly always seem to get comments.
3. Posts by Jason never get comments.
4. I am setting up a firewall on my computer to block any website that has to do with the stock market.
5. I need to put more trust in God and less in me.
6. Will Jake ever obey?
7. Will Johnny ever stop crying and actually sleep through the night?
8. What would I do with my life if I didn't have to work for money?
9. Tech will beat OU.
10. ACU will win the Div. II Football National Championship.
11. Why do I care so much about Fantasy Football?
12. What can I do today to bless others?
13. I think I would rather have little and be content, than have much and worry.
14. I have a great wife.
15. I have wonderful kids.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Random Stuff From Jason...

Hey Friends-

No pictures today since they are all on Holly's computer. I just wanted to let everyone know we are doing fine. Life with a 2.5 year old and a 5 month old is never boring. Johnny doesn't like to sleep or eat and Jake doesn't like to sleep in his bed or eat. Most nights Jake ends up on the floor beside our bed about 2am. Then at 6am he likes to lay on top of my head, generally constricting my breathing and definitely waking me from deep slumber.

I recently lost my home office. It went from masculine serenity to toy filled bliss overnight. I was instructed I needed to move all the furniture and books in there to my work office. I am glad I have extra space up here...the back office looks like a Uhaul storage facility.

Last Thursday our washing machine broke and flooded our new playroom. Holly pulled the carpet up herself and I managed to put it back down. I was sort of proud of us...we didn't have to outsource anything...except to Lowe's who delivered our new front loading washer on Saturday. I was fine with our top loader and we are now a little farther away from retirement.

Jake has his first school program on Thursday night. His class is singing 2 songs and reciting a memory verse. My parents are coming from Tyler to watch...I told Holly I was surprised they would come for a 2 minute show, but she reminded me the love Grandparents have for their Grandchildren...and she is right!

My most recent pet peeve is when people come up, and with a worried look in their eye, ask me how my business is doing. You may not know, but I own a small residential real estate financing company in Addison. The market is tough and getting a mortgage funded for clients in increasingly difficult. However, the Lord always provides. I appreciate the concern, but don't cry for me, just send some business my way!

Holly is a great Mom and the boys are precious. We are blessed and God is good.

Have a great week!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I've got some serious dark circles under my eyes! I wish it was because I put on some cheap black eyeliner, but it's not. My kids won't sleep. Notice the plural...KIDS!!!! The last time I posted an update on here Johnny had been sleeping about 7 hours straight, but I spoke too soon. Then Jacob who has been the amazing sleeping child who loves to take naps decided he wants to be more like his brother. What?! Just when you think you have it all figured out and kids are getting settled, something just has to change. Some days I spend much of my time apologizing for being a grump and short tempered. I hate that girl. She's not very cool. I think Jason has been a grump as well, but he gets to deal with adults when he's tired during the day. Adults in the workplace may not always listen and follow direction but at least it's not in your house, and you don't love them!

At the same time, life still goes on and you manage. We've had a lot of things going on lately and seem to do a good job staying busy despite our incoherent state of mind. :)

At the start of the month Jason went on his yearly Man Trip to Taos for an entire week. It wasn't so bad and my parents took Jacob for one of those nights. I was so glad when Jason got back into town though. The early evenings when Jason normally gets home for dinner and then helps with bedtime was tough on my own. I reaped some reward by getting to go to the Women's Retreat while J watched the kids. However, I do feel a day of pampering or a least a massage is in order. Can I get an Amen?  Please comment if you agree. :)

Jacob recently had a rodeo at school and they asked all the kids to dress western.  Jacob was really excited about wearing his boots.

Although he was excited to wear the boots.  Taking a picture was not one of them.
Here we are at Johnny's baby blessing at church.  It is such a special time to receive this blessing from your church family.  I loved it when they did this for Jacob as well.
Jacob enjoying his first ride at the State Fair!  He was not tall enough to ride by himself so I got in there with him.  At first he loved it and then he was totally freaked out.  He kept saying "oh no!", every time the car would jolt quickly.
Johnny trying some cereal for the first time. This is probably a little early but he seems like a hungry fella.  I decided to try it.  Most of it ended up on his face.  It was cute though.

On Saturday we braved the crowds and went to the arboretum.  It was so much fun and was the beautiful day outside.  Johnny slept the entire time since I had him in the sling and I hated to wake him up for pictures.  We enjoyed a lovely picnic looking off at White Rock Lake.  This was a two thumbs up for sure!
We went to pick out pumpkins the other day.  We got four, one for each member of the family.  Jacob was so excited to get to pick out the different pumpkins.  He got the biggest for daddy, then mommy, himself, and Johnny.  Here he is with Johnny's pumpkin.

Well, I think I need to do a Johnny post.  He was 4 months on Sunday so hopefully I can get it up soon, but don't hate me if I don't!

Enjoy this wonderful season!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Both of the boys are asleep so I thought I would fit in a quick thought or three...

I purchased a double stroller second hand for $40 before the baby came. It wants to veer to the left at all times. Try steering that while trying to walk briskly for three miles. No fun.

Pushing two kids instead of one makes a three mile walk a heck of a lot harder.  Especially with a crapy stroller.

Jacob started back to Sunshine School at the first of the month. He does really well and loves being around other kids. He cried the other day when we left.

Johnny has decided to sleep through the night finally! It's normally about 7 hours and other times around 9. There is no consistency yet. I'm just glad it's this way with the second baby and not the first. I'm much more chilled out this time...still hormonal but chill.

I want to go to the movies but fear I will fall asleep and waste my money.

I love coffee. No frills. I hate cream and sugar. If I order at Starbucks they always ask me if I want to leave room for the stuff and I always say, "why ruin it?".

We are transforming our home office into a playroom. If you've seen it then you know this room was meant to be an office. It's served a practical purpose for the last four years, but now a playroom seems so much more practical.

I love being practical.

I want a minivan. It's practical. Not cool, but cool to me because it's practical. Enough said!

I'm getting my Fall decorations down this weekend. Can't wait!  I heart October!

Jacob refused to smile for his picture of his first day a school.

Jacob was a little freaked out at first but Mrs. Nicole made everything better.  Now he talks about her all of the time.  Right now they are learning all about cowboys.  Jacob loves to come home and yell, Yee Haw!

The other night we went on a fun outing to a birthday party for our friend Shanta.  I dressed all of us in blue and white stripes on purpose.  I thought my boys looked very cute!

Getting a head start on the trike!  Look out Lance A. !

This is an O'Quinn boy for sure!  I just love those cheeks!!!!