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Monday, March 24, 2008


Last week was so crazy. It was spring break and everything was off. Jacob decided not to go to sleep during his nap three days out of 7...what?!!! He's always been such an amazing little sleeper and then this happens, and right before I'm getting ready to transition him to a new bed. Ug! Jacob also decided to let himself out of the house. I always keep the door to our patio locked because it has the handle that pulls down rather than turns, but I left it unlocked after coming in from being outside. I got distracted on a phone call as I was working to resolve a bill, so I put a show on for Jacob and gave him some juice. The next thing I know I'm looking out my front window and see Jacob wandering around our front yard. Oh no he didn't! On Saturday we went to the church Easter Egg Hunt. It was a lot of fun, but started at the tail end of Jacob's nap so we were a little late. The hunt didn't end up going well for Jacob since all of the bigger kids got most of the eggs. He was a little upset but there were a few kids who offered him some of their own eggs, which we were so grateful for. We had planned to eat after the egg hunt but by this time they were done grilling the burgers and dogs so we left feeling very hungry. We decided to go out to eat at La Hacienda Ranch where Jacob decided to throw the largest tantrum I have ever witnessed! It didn't matter what we did, he was going to kick and scream and any attempt to calm him was not received. We ended up disciplining him and leaving the restaurant. We still had not had anything to eat when we left. Yesterday was busy but a lot of fun. We had four services at church and I was helping out in all four of the services with some music. Jason was so good to get Jacob up and ready for church all on his own. We attended the first service as a family and Jason and Jacob hung around for a little while during the second service. Jacob was having a great time running around outside and around the foyer. If you've seen him run then you know what I mean when I say he runs as fast as his legs will let him. At one point Jacob was running and tripped hitting his head on some crown molding that framed a window. This was a first ( I can't believe it either), for him to hit his head like this and it was sooooo loud. He screamed so hard it broke my heart. Now he has a big fat goose egg on his head but at least his hair covers it. I realize that even in all of the craziness and frustration of an off week God still reveals himself through the heart of our son. I think there were a few times I wanted to kick and scream myself, but the patience and understanding comes more easily when I look at the precious heart of this child rather than the outer things that frustrate me. Being a mom is really hard but loving my child overflows more than I ever thought possible.

This was moments before hitting his head. He looks like a little man doesn't he?

Jacob had a blast painting with his Tadoodles paints. Those are a brilliant idea for little ones who can't figure out how to hold a paint brush yet. Of course he did much of the painting on himself, but it was still fun. I tried to keep his hands out of his mouth but he's getting his last two teeth and there was no winning on this one. The bath water turned a nice blue hue the moment I got him in there.

Well, I have more pictures to post but I can't get any more to load for some reason. I'll post more later

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Picture Post

Actually, I just got done writing a post about Jacob and by accident I hit refresh. I lost my funny and scary stories about him. Hopefully you'll just settle for pictures.

These blinds do not raise. Jacob is watching the big truck outside our house. Trucks are his latest fascination.

Jacob enjoying his favorite book. We read this book almost every day. If I don't read it with him he will read it on his own.

On President's Day Jason took a half day and we went to the park by our house. We had so much fun walking along the trails and getting some energy out.

My boys! Aren't they precious? Have I mentioned how excited I am to be having another boy? We are so excited about little Johnny being a part of the family soon. Today I was trying to get Jacob to say Johnny and I think he thought I was saying doggy! He would say Johnny and then let out a woof woof.... I hope he doesn't think I'm going to give birth to a dog. He would be really disappointed.

Trust me, we were watching him by the water. He would probably jump in if we let him. Our child is extremely ambitious and doesn't seem bothered by fear. Yikes!

I took this after cell group the other night. Most weeks at cell Jacob is outnumbered by the girls in the group. Sometimes, it can be a little overwhelming for him but he manages. These sweet girls are Alexa and Addison Toy, and Evelyn Mitchell.


That's all for now. I was in NYC last week on a much needed girls trip. We had a blast! One of my favorite times was going to Kats Deli in SoHo. You might remember a famous movie scene that took place there from When Harry Met Sally. Yeah, that's the one. I didn't order what Meg Ryan did, but my Rueben sandwich was beyond words delicious!