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Thursday, May 24, 2007


The other day I walked into the kitchen to find my child on the floor sucking on a scrub brush from underneath the sink. I did not calmly hold my composure before hastily removing the brush from his hand. I freaked out imagining all of the germs that the brush probably carried and then reality sunk in the world did he get into the cabinet??? Yes, my almost 13 month old child has figured out the child proof safety locks on our kitchen cabinets!!!!!!! It was quite frustrating since this was the second time we had run into this problem. First, we used the locks that go on the inside of the door and it has a latch that catches. He figured those out simply by pressing all of his weight on the door and putting his hand on the latch to release it! I was very surprised. So, after the first failed attempt we resorted to the locks that go on the outside and fit around the hardware. We knew we had outsmarted the little guy and we actually did for a few months! However, to our disappointment the knobs on our cabinet doors are too close together. Of course Jason and I are not smart enough to figure it out, so we had been expanding the lock taking it off and putting it back on whenever we needed to get something out. Jacob just lifted the lock up and pulled it off! Talk about frustration! We have now opted for the rubber band approach. I guess we'll see how long it takes him to figure this one out. Clever little cutie huh?

Monday, May 14, 2007

Back In The Saddle Again

I'm going to be honest with you. I'm not an enthusiastic blogger. It would seem (at least to me) that leaving the blogging world for a brief stint would leave me with more insightful interesting things to write about. However, the reality is I have now ended up with a luandry list of happenings, milestones, trips, etc. to catch you all up on. So, my lack of enthusiasim bascially updates and informs my readers (glad you are still with me), that due to my absence I now have a lot of work ahead of me. Sigh...I feel better now.

It would make sense to start back in March when I last posted, but I'm going to wait on that. It requires some thought and I feel as though I need to make a list so I go in the correct order. Especially on the Jacob stuff. He's just changed so much. So, with that expressed I will just let you all know that we had a great Mother's Day. It's still takes some getting used to(being a mom), and highschool seems like it was just the other day. I can't believe I'm a mama. I love it, but since I'm being honest with you... it still continues to be an adjustment. I have day's that are really hard and I feel extremely selfish and guilty when all I want is some time to myself. Again, I love what I'm doing and Jacob is sweeter than I ever imagined he could be, there's just "those days". I'm sure there are some of you who can relate. Anyway, back to Mother's Day. We had a great time with both the O'Quinns and the Billingsley's. We got together for a delicious lunch and enjoyed each others company. Later, Jason's family came to our home for a visit before they got back on the road to head home to Tyler. It had been busy most of the day already since it was a praise team Sunday for me. Meaning I go to church at 7:30 and leave around 12:45. So, after family left yesterday and I got Jacob down for a really late nap, it was 5:00. I was exhausted and rested until Jacob woke up. All in all, it was such a special day and I'm so glad I got to spend it with my boys, and the rest of my family. I am truly blessed.

Here are some pictures from our fun day...

It amazes me that we got Jacob to look at the camera. This is very rare these days so I was really excited that he's smiling for the camera.

Jason holding Jacob. Isn't that face just adorable?!! That face gets cuter every day! I can't get enough.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Do you read this BLOG?

Holly told me today that she is not sure anyone reads this. Let's leave posts and encourage her to keep going! We have great pictures of Jake's 1st Birthday to show off!