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Friday, February 23, 2007

She's Alive!

Holy Cow! I am so glad that Meredith Grey survived and is still alive. The last three part series of Grey's was just so brilliant and so well written. I feel like the characters have really developed and are evolving into their own. Even though I'm still ticked off at Izzie for playing an expert on how George should live his life, I loved the ending when she was passing through the hospital and she knew Denny was there with her. I think it softened her a bit and helped me want to give her a second chance. Oh, George totally put her in her place didn't he? I know she tried to apologize to him, but she's got to accept Callie. I don't think he'll give up on her as a friend though. Ummm....I love how Meredith is Christina's person. Don't we all have one of those? You know who they are. Your most important happenings in life don't matter if you can't tell them first or share things with them first. Wasn't it classic how she told Meredith that she was engaged to Burke? She cracks me up. Okay, what is the deal with Addison and Mark? 60 days my foot! Good luck! Neither one of them will go 60 days, and you know what Addison is thinking about Alex. We've seen the stares.

Ah well, I'm not one to write much about my guilty pleasure's but I figured I might try to write about something that's popular so I can acutally get some comments on my blog. What has happened to you people? Do I smell or something? It's not like I gave an I believe speech. Just kidding. I'll continue to blog, but I live for comments!!!!! That's part of the reason blogging is so fun! Don't you agree?

Monday, February 19, 2007

Go Wildcats!

We packed up the car this weekend and headed west toward Abilene for the 51st Sing Song at ACU. We had so much fun taking in all of the fun events of the weekend, plus it was amazing how much of the campus had changed. We had not been since they had put the new walking trail in, the Starbucks in the library, and the new Jacob's Dream sculpture on campus. The sculpture is breathtaking....breathtaking. Sing Song was typical with the same clubs winning, and I got to watch Jason sing on the stage after the show was over with Gamma Sigs for the 7th time. Typical. We had a great time though, and Jacob enjoyed himself to. We hit the bookstore to make sure he was stocked up on plenty of T-shirts. Since it was windy, I insisted on the ACU beanie hat. Jacob looked so adorable in it.

We had a great Valentines day. We didn't do anything fancy and we didn't give any gifts, but exchanged cards and thoughtful words. I love cards! I made a great dinner that was absolutely delicious, and I got our china and crystal out. We ate t-bone steaks, potatoes, and a homemade ceaser salad. If that's not the way to a man's heart, I don't know what is.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Little Baby Boy

Wow! Nine months old! Jacob went to his nine month appointment on Monday. Everything went great and he is still a healthy bouncing boy...literally. Many of his friends seem to be exceeding him in size but I didn't think much of it until I heard the percentage's he fell into.

Height: 26 3/4 inches 5th percentile
Weight: 17.3 lbs 6th percentile
Head Circumfrence: 44.5 cm 26th percentile

Bless his heart. I'm afraid he's taking after me and not his 6'2 daddy. There are advantages to being a small kid, but it can be hard to. I guess I can just remember some of the things that I had to deal with as a kid just for being short. I know, I shouldn't be worring about this yet, but I'm just protective already.

He's doing great though. He's pulling up and sitting down all of the time, and I got him a little car that he can push around and walk with. He's also started snorting when he laughs and when he gets excited. Every morning he wakes up and I bring him into bed with me to cuddle and he says bye bye and ah da repeatedly. Jason and I tell ourselves that he's trying to say da da, but we don't know. He says a lot of na, ma, and pa as well. Now when I see little babies I realize even more how much our sweet baby has changed. It's exciting to watch him grow, but a little sad at the same time.

Well, here are some more pictures for your enjoyment.

Jacob loves looking at his reflection in the TV. Here he is on Saturday when my dad was watching him. He's wearing one of Jason's favorite t-shirts. "I may be small, but I'm still the man" I would have to agree.

This was hilarious. He was laughing so hard in this picture. Yes, he was snorting as well!

Last night we had spaghetti for dinner and Jacob ate some noodles for the first time. It was everywhere!

Trying to decide if he likes it or not.