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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Business Update

Hello Friends!

In March, Holly and I took 100% ownership in PLG. We are excited about our work and we enjoy the service we provide our clients. Holly has allowed me space on her blog to place another "plug".

Entrepreneurship and "self-employment" run in both of our families. Holly's Dad owned a coffee distribution company for many years and my family has owned a commercial roofing business since 1933. As a child, it was drilled in my head from my Dad and Grandfather to get a "job" with a big Company, take a pension, go home at 5:00 pm and sleep well at night. This was often spoken in jest. True, there are headaches that come with owning your own business, many of which I have yet to experience. But as I see it, I wouldn't change a thing. I love witnessing, first hand, the fruits of my labor. I love being able to take pride in my work. I love satisfied clients. Mostly, I love glorifying God through my business in the marketplace. People often ask what Petra means. Petra is Greek for Peter (Rock) and upon the confession of Jesus as Lord, He said he would build His church. Upon that same confession, we build our company. Our ultimate goal is that people come to know the Lord through our efforts. That is true success.

I ask for your prayers as we move forward. And because our business is built on referrals, I ask for those too! I would like to visit with anyone you know who wants to purchase or refinance a home. We also provide home equity loans which help many as they seek to consolidate debt and manage cash flow.

Thanks for your support of Petra Lending Group and I will keep you posted along the way.

God Bless-