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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Both of the boys are asleep so I thought I would fit in a quick thought or three...

I purchased a double stroller second hand for $40 before the baby came. It wants to veer to the left at all times. Try steering that while trying to walk briskly for three miles. No fun.

Pushing two kids instead of one makes a three mile walk a heck of a lot harder.  Especially with a crapy stroller.

Jacob started back to Sunshine School at the first of the month. He does really well and loves being around other kids. He cried the other day when we left.

Johnny has decided to sleep through the night finally! It's normally about 7 hours and other times around 9. There is no consistency yet. I'm just glad it's this way with the second baby and not the first. I'm much more chilled out this time...still hormonal but chill.

I want to go to the movies but fear I will fall asleep and waste my money.

I love coffee. No frills. I hate cream and sugar. If I order at Starbucks they always ask me if I want to leave room for the stuff and I always say, "why ruin it?".

We are transforming our home office into a playroom. If you've seen it then you know this room was meant to be an office. It's served a practical purpose for the last four years, but now a playroom seems so much more practical.

I love being practical.

I want a minivan. It's practical. Not cool, but cool to me because it's practical. Enough said!

I'm getting my Fall decorations down this weekend. Can't wait!  I heart October!

Jacob refused to smile for his picture of his first day a school.

Jacob was a little freaked out at first but Mrs. Nicole made everything better.  Now he talks about her all of the time.  Right now they are learning all about cowboys.  Jacob loves to come home and yell, Yee Haw!

The other night we went on a fun outing to a birthday party for our friend Shanta.  I dressed all of us in blue and white stripes on purpose.  I thought my boys looked very cute!

Getting a head start on the trike!  Look out Lance A. !

This is an O'Quinn boy for sure!  I just love those cheeks!!!! 

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Cowboys and cool weather...

How bout them Cowboys! they are fun to watch and one reason why I love the Fall so much! Holly and I enjoyed reading and drinking coffee on the patio this morning! The temperature was a cool 55 degrees and we take advantage of those few days out of the year to relish peaceful outdoor enjoyment...the only thing better would have been doing it in the mountains with the faint scent of pinon and pine. Tomorrow, we may try it again and just burn some incense.


Monday, September 01, 2008


Well, I'm a bit frustrated I can't get this video posted on my blog.  I've uploaded it to You Tube and it's failing to upload from there as well.  Any advice would be appreciated.  You can click on the link below to take you to the video on You Tube.

Any way, I have had some time on my hands in the last few days since Jacob has been with my parents since Thursday.  It's been nice but I was thrilled to have him back at home last night.  He had a great time and got spoiled rotten I'm sure.  It's amazing how much you can get done with one child, especially when they are young and can sleep anywhere!  Jason and I have enjoyed some fun Johnny time.  It's been great.  Since I had some extra free time I created a slideshow for Johnny's first few weeks.

Johnny it's amazing to think that before I ever held you in my arms you were held in the arms of God.  You are His sweet boy, and nothing can ever change that.  You belong to Him.  We love you sweet Johnny Angel.