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Monday, October 31, 2005

A Prayer For Peanut

In September Jason and I had the opportunity to take a trip to France. We took in all of the wonderful sights and sounds, and spent three days of our trip in Paris. While we were there we visited the Notre Dame Cathedral. We saw the beautiful stain glass windows, and the massive flying buttresses, however this trip was different than my prior two visits to the Cathedral. While we were walking along the outer aisle I noticed all of the beautiful candles glowing and the numerous prayers that these lit candles represent. So, I lit a candle for peanut and prayed to God that He would bless this life growing inside of me. It was a special moment for Jason and me. I’m amazed at how I have formed such a close spiritual bond with my baby before seeing he/she face to face. God is so precious in our prayer lives. He allows me the freedom to draw close to Him, and by praying for my child daily I already have this immense amount of love that I am brought to tears as I type my entry. Thanks be to God for stirring me and pulling my heartstrings to already be on my knees for this life. It’s a sweet sweet time. It also makes me anxious and excited. I’m constantly dreaming and thinking about the day I give birth and wonder what every little inch of this body is going to look like, and what sounds will it make. While I am anxious I also see the purpose of these nine months. Not only has God taught me a lot about myself in these last four months, but I can only assume there will be more hard lessons to come in the proceeding five. God is cool like that. He develops the life that grows within me, and develops my heart for motherhood. Here is a prayer from a great book that I’m reading. I recommend it to any expecting mother. Its entitled, Prayers for Expectant Mothers, by Angela Thomas Guffey.

In the Womb

Inside me is a sanctuary where You abide. Inside my womb You fashion our child and define every feature. The thought of Your work is more than I can comprehend, and yet, I delight in knowing that You are here. I have seen pictures of babies in the womb, and I am amazed at Your work. My child at each stage of development is such a marvel
I smile to learn that the first organ to function is the heart. Would a lesser designer have begun with the brain? And so, I ask for my baby, that its heart will be perfect. Four flawless chambers beating in perfect sync. From there I envision the rest of the body that has just begun: spinal cord, lungs, and brain. Oh Lord, our Creator, please complete each detail with precision and strength.
As the face and limbs begin to form, please grow sturdy bones and sound muscles. Make her eyes much stronger than mine. Give this dear little one ears that will hear for a lifetime. Give her a strong mind that will serve as an oasis for truth and wisdom. Lord, please oversee my baby’s growth. Give our child legs to run and arms to hug. Fashion hands that are skillful, yet loving, I TRUST YOU TO PROVIDE ALL THAT IS NEEDED.
Remember my baby until she’s complete. Keep her safe inside until her time is appointed. I have faith because you are the maker of all; You stretched out the heavens, and spread out the earth. Your presence gives me peace. I will wait patiently while You work.

This is what the Lord says-your Redeemer, who formed you in the womb: I am the Lord who has made all things, who alone stretched out the heavens, who spread out the earth by myself.
Isaiah 44:24